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“author”: The originator of a post which can be text, video, music, poetry, picture or presentation of any type.
“objectionable”: Upsetting, causing adverse reaction, unwanted, poor taste, offensive, inciting unlawful reaction, confronting, potential to encourage bad behaviour, insensitive, unnecessarily provocative, unlawful, bad language unacceptable for minors who may use the internet.
“post/s”, “posting/s”: Comments and/or documents placed on the WWW.RESEARCHRECEPTOR.COM website in response to a forum topic (or for any reason what so ever) – developing the debate; putting a point of view; making a comment.
“registered user”: The user who has provided an e-mail address/has a known identity.
“forum rules of engagement”: Agreement needed to enter the site to be an author.
“user”:  Anyone accepting the “rules of engagement” by entering this website to become an author.


This website is established to provide information and a forum for discussion of topics relevant to the future and development of the Medical/Health industry including pharmaceuticals, over the counter personal care products, medical devices and health benefit delivery systems. The greater the amount of discussion by individuals or special interest groups that can be generated for a particular issue the better the opportunity for understanding by those who are responsible for the final adopted compromises.

This website is provided to encourage useful debate on topics raised through the posting of relevant ideas and allowing the poster to clarify those ideas.

Web media is a formidable tool which can be harnessed for great benefit when used sensitively and thoughtfully. However, due to the openness and impossibility to guarantee control of what is posted, it is necessary to provide rules for users and this disclaimer.


The information provided in accordance with the “Rules Of Engagement” and all posted content is presented to allow the debate to flow. All posted information put on the website to aid the debate remains the responsibility of the author. Where it is transmitted on to another website from the WWW.RESEARCHRECEPTOR.COM website it remains the responsibility of the author. Posted messages on the WWW.RESEARCHRECEPTOR.COM website do not mean or imply that anyone of them is endorsed by WWW.RESEARCHRECEPTOR.COM and WWW.RESEARCHRECEPTOR.COM does not guarantee in anyway the completeness, correctness, accuracy or advice therein. WWW.RESEARCHRECEPTOR.COM does not take responsibility for any action taken by a third party as a result of information provided in any posting.

Any offensive, objectionable, and insensitive posting is against the “Rules of Engagement” and should be reported to offensive@RESEARCHRECEPTOR.COM so that action to have it removed can be initiated and the user notified of the breach.

WWW.RESEARCHRECEPTOR.COM takes no responsibility for the use of information on the WWW.RESEARCHRECEPTOR.COM website where it is linked to/or from another website. WWW.RESEARCHRECEPTOR.COM does not endorse the links to any other website without agreement shown and verified.

WWW.RESEARCHRECEPTOR.COM is not liable to users or other organisations for information posted to the WWW.RESEARCHRECEPTOR.COM website by users. WWW.RESEARCHRECEPTOR.COM claims the right to remove any uploaded or posted material from its website and will be moderately moderated. WWW.RESEARCHRECEPTOR.COM is not liable for the actions of users on the WWW.RESEARCHRECEPTOR.COM website. Before entering the WWW.RESEARCHRECEPTOR.COM website it is necessary to accept the conditions of entry which are presented in the acceptance process. This process includes pressing the accept button as acknowledgement. If a visitor does not wish to accept the conditions then the visitor is unable to enter the site.


In order to benefit the forum and avoid impropriety, those using this website agree to the following; It will be necessary to accept the conditions of the Rules of Engagement before being allowed to post a comment. This will involve a further agree button which will be necessary on each occasion of comment.

    • Readers will not be required to be registered users.
    • Users will be personally responsible for any post by them.
    • Users shall not post confidential information or details of information in the process of becoming intellectual property.
    • Users will need to register and provide an e-mail address in order to post comment.
    • Comments should always be polite and not overtly offensive or insensitive.
    • Inappropriate language will not be allowed particularly because it will limit the quality of the forum debate.
    • That the information provided in a user comment has been properly researched and is factually correct.
    • That the user will not knowingly provide false or untrue statements.
    • That the author shall be the originator of the post.
    • That all copyright shall remain the property of the copyright holder.
    • That WWW.RESEARCHRECEPTOR.COM claims the right to remove or comment on any post. Where it is removed WWW.RESEARCHRECEPTOR.COM will endeavour to contact the author of the post.
    • That WWW.RESEARCHRECEPTOR.COM claims the right to block any user that violates the Rules of Engagement and/or objectives of the forum.
    • Users shall be responsible for personal security such as exposure of any personal information that can identify them which could lead to unwanted consequences.
    • Users will be responsible for ensuring that any material posted to WWW.RESEARCHRECEPTOR.COM does not violate the copyright, patent, trademark or any other personal or proprietary rights of any third party (including corporations) and is posted with the permission of the owner of such rights.
    • Users agree to not place on WWW.RESEARCHRECEPTOR.COM any content that constitutes spam, junk mail or unauthorised advertising.
    • Users agree to refrain from posting previously posted material.
    • Users agree to use proper case, and must not use caps or special characters inappropriately.
    • Users who violate any of these rules may have their access privileges suspended or removed without prior warning.
    • Discussion material on WWW.RESEARCHRECEPTOR.COM is for personal use only. You may not make commercial or other unauthorised use of material obtained through WWW.RESEARCHRECEPTOR.COM by publication, re-transmission or distribution.
    • WWW.RESEARCHRECEPTOR.COM reserves the right to amend any part of this disclaimer without notice to any party.


WWW.RESEARCHRECEPTOR.COM is bound by the Privacy Act 1988 Act No. 119 of 1988 as amended including compilation prepared on 11 December 2012 taking into account amendments up to Act No. 177 of 2012. Definitions within the Act are included here.

Users entering this website will leave certain information such as through being an author or just viewing the site. Information collected may include internet protocol (IP) addresses, pages viewed and other information freely given and will be stored and analysed but will not be published for general access. WWW.RESEARCHRECEPTOR.COM will, within its ability, take all due care of the information gained but assumes no responsibility for the security of this information therefore the user needs to be aware and be responsible for their footprint and comments. Information will be removed from the internet connected servers regularly and stored off-line where necessary.

Entry to the forum implies acceptance of the FORUM RULES OF ENGAGEMENT. If you agree to the FORUM RULES OF ENGAGEMENT, please click here to enter the forum.

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